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Custom Sheet Metal Forming

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Custom Sheet Metal Forming, Water-Jet Cutting, and On-Site Roll Forming

Architectural Metal Specialists (AMS) has been serving the Architects and Building Contractors throughout the Midwest since 1997 with architectural custom sheet metal forming needs. We are mostly related to the commercial & residential roofing industry of flat and sloped roofs. Our products also include masonry thru-wall flashings of copper and stainless steel.

AMS also offers On-Site Roll Forming of standing seam metal roofing of lengths up to 200' for various roofing contractors throughout the U.S. We have many capabilities, like capabilities to radius a 1 1/2" panel to rest on a curved roof substrate. Our latest service offered, includes abrasive Water-Jet Cutting of various materials including, metal several inches thick, granite, glass, wood, rubber, tile, and much more. AMS has a firm commitment to customer service with quick turnaround time on all orders.

What Our Customers are Saying...

"Thanks for your help. As of today I found someone in Phoenix and he is going to get me a list of people in and around our area to show us what they have, measure our roof and hope to do the work. I have had great response from people far away that are also willing to work with us. Thanks again for everything."

-A. Customer